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PeaceEd Lantzer passed away on
December 29, 2009

Edgar Lantzer, seventy-seven, of Petoskey, succumbed to cancer and passed from this life, in his sleep, at Northern Michigan Regional Hospital in the early hours of Tuesday, December 29, 2009. 

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The story of Ed Lantzer and the story he tells with his mosaic murals is truly something that needs to be seen to be believed.

When you walk into the gallery you are overwhelmed by the sense of dedication that went into each of the giant murals. The story the murals portray and the story of Ed Lantzer, the mural's creator, are two stories that must be seen and heard.

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Read Ed's story in the newly released book written by our own LaShelle VanHouten, "The Mural Writer: The unlikely story of an outcast who fulfilled an extraordinary purpose". Learn more at themuralwriter.com. Order your copy now at Amazon.com.

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Ed Lantzer began working on his Murals in 1960.

The 8 foot tall murals contain thousands of wood blocks made from 150 different tree species.

The careful placement of each block and the attention to detail on each mural is remarkable.


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